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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Protect your pool or balustrade areas with a safe and durable frameless glass fence. We use 12mm frameless toughed glass fencing in a variety of choices, from custom made to measure to tinted or frosted privacy panels. The benefits of installing a frameless glass fence is that has no materials such as bars of aluminium to obscure your view and can see through the fence.

We can pin glass or channel glass in areas that require even an even further unobtrusive design. There is no requirement for pins through the glass panels as the spigots are clamped onto the glass panel which enables adjustments to be made easily if necessary.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-Frameless is an option that some customers choose. It really is a matter of preference. Semi-Frameless has the support of powder coated posts which some clients feel is the choice for them. It may be a design that blends in with their landscape or taste! All our fences are adaptable and can accommodate different types of terrain as well sloped, stepped, and curved landscapes.

Glass Balustrades

Glass balustrade enables you to have a safe and secure balustrade with safety and an uninterrupted view. Spigot mounted, face fixed, channel set or semi-frameless posts, we can aid in design and supply of product. Side mounted frameless glass balustrades are mounted to the side of the walls using Marine Grade stainless steel pins.

Handrails are required where the drop over the fence exceeds a height of 1000mm. Frosted glass can be integrated as option as often on higher levels the customer may choose privacy as an option.

Aluminium Flat Top Fencing

Aluminium can be a design option and solution for many, often used in conjunction with some frameless or semi-frameless glass option’s. Combination are often useful as a cost-effective solution for their fencing requirements.

Need something unique or custom made for your project? No problems, just ask us!

Special Glass Panels & Configurations

When a unique or special panel is required, Ever Clear Glass Fencing can design raked and staircase panels to suit the need of our client’s projects. These are often required to fit the dimension of the pool or area’s configuration and to aid in meeting any compliance requirements.

Ever Clear Glass Fencing just simply measure and produce these requirements with ease. Need something unique or custom made for your project? No problems, just ask us!

Other services

Privacy Glass Options

Increase your privacy with a frosted or tinted privacy screen. Privacy screens can be incorporated with both semi-frameless and frameless fencing, giving you a privacy for area’s you feel you would benefit from having. A variety of colours are available to suit your needs. Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting or acid etching a clear sheet of glass. The result is visual privacy whilst still allowing light into your living area.

Pool Windows

Glass pool windows allow you the design technique to “see through” walls, which is great in small spaces. Glass thickness starts from 12mm toughened laminated glass: an engineer will determine the glass thickness required before installation. This option is set into concrete so no framing is required. Pool windows are often very aesthetically pleasing and give that extra special feature to your pool design.

Glass Gates & Hinges

Made from 316 Marine Grade stainless steel, the glass to glass and glass to post hinged gate with 8mm glass features a self-closing soft close hinge benefit. It has the benefit of closing with ease and preventing children’s little fingers from being caught or injured. Our 8mm glass, the weight on the hinging system is minimised ensuring your gate will remain structurally sound over time. All our gates feature a self-closing child proof gate latch.

Hinge styles vary and we have a great selection of options to suit you. Upon visit we can show you our selection available so you can choose on site which works best with your surrounding design details.

Stainless Steel Spigots

Duplex 2205 grade stainless steel had superior corrosion resistance and high strength qualities. The spigot is salt resistant and ideal for salt-water pools, beach area and costal homes.

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